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Dnwin Company is a company specializing in the customization of architectural doors and windows, providing high-quality door and window solutions for villa houses in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. This project aims to provide customers with a variety of aluminum glass doors and windows and other diversified door and window products to meet customers' needs for safety, aesthetics and practicality.


Under the climate conditions of Vancouver, Canada, doors and windows not only need to have the functions of heat insulation, rainproof and windproof, but also should be able to resist strong sunlight radiation. In this project, Dnwin Company pays attention to the selection of high-quality aluminum alloy materials and high-quality glass to ensure the durability and reliability of the doors and windows.


This project provides various aluminum glass door and window products, including casement doors, sliding doors, inverted windows, etc. Among them, swing doors are an important customization option. According to the needs of customers and the design of the house, we provide aluminum swing doors in different styles and sizes to ensure coordination with the overall style of the house. We choose high-quality door and window hardware accessories to ensure smooth opening and closing of swing doors and long service life.


In addition, sliding doors are also a key choice for this project. The sliding door has the characteristics of saving space, convenient and practical. According to the needs of customers, we provide customized aluminum sliding doors to ensure the convenience of installation and use. A high-quality slide rail system will ensure flexible and smooth opening and closing of the sliding door.


In addition, this project also provides door and window options such as inverted windows. Inverted windows have great advantages in aesthetics and ventilation, and are suitable for various house structures and space requirements. Our professional team will provide personalized design solutions according to the needs of customers, and ensure that the production and installation of doors and windows fully meet the requirements of customers. No matter in material selection, craft production or installation and commissioning, we will strictly check and commit ourselves to providing the best quality door and window products and services.


Through Dnwin's door and window customization project, customers can obtain beautiful and practical door and window solutions to enhance the value and comfort of villa houses. We believe that through our efforts and cooperation, this project will be successful and bring satisfactory results to our clients.

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